Why Nile Rodgers Believes Less is More

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This week, we’re getting funky with the legendary guitarist, producer and songwriter Nile Rodgers. Rodgers’ music has permeated the popular music landscape over the last several decades. After mainstream success with the band Chic in the 70s, Rodgers went on to produce and perform on a countless number of hit records for artists such as David Bowie, Diana Ross, Madonna and Duran Duran. More […]

Why Dave Grohl Hated Music Lessons

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  This week, I have a snippet from an interview that Dave Grohl did on the Off Camera show that can help solve a problem I see a lot of self-taught players facing. The problem: because we may not have a fully dimensional understanding of music theory or feel self-coinscious about our weaknesses and inabilities, we get discouraged, frustrated and […]

Album Review: Pomegranate Tiger, Boundless

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The Context What’s a Pomegranate Tiger? At face value, Pomegranate Tiger can be described as a technically precise and highly impressive instrumental progressive metal band. But beneath the surface of every adjective that can sonically describe most of today’s instrumental prog metal, Pomegranate Tiger puts forth artistic depth that can’t be fully digested after one listen. […]

Tighten Your Rhythm Playing with Three Brand-New Lamb of God Riffs

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Disclaimer Before Reading: the following article introduction is best read with Billy May’s (the Oxyclean guy’s) voice shouting in your head. Hi, BILLY MAYS here!! If you’re having problems with rhythm playing, including: Speed Stamina Technique Accuracy Then you need NEW LAMB OF GOD RIFFS! New Lamb of God riffs can help your rhythm playing […]