Why Dave Grohl Hated Music Lessons

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  This week, I have a snippet from an interview that Dave Grohl did on the Off Camera show that can help solve a problem I see a lot of self-taught players facing. The problem: because we may not have a fully dimensional understanding of music theory or feel self-coinscious about our weaknesses and inabilities, we get discouraged, frustrated and […]

How to Sound More Like Your Guitar Heroes

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Attention before reading! This is a follow-up lesson to my last article, How to Avoid Sucking as a Self-Taught Guitarist – a simple song-learning strategy designed to help self-taught guitarists find direction, enjoy the learning process and get better results with less cut-and-dry practice. This article takes the strategy a step further by showing you how to add dimension and musical expression […]

How One Simple, 4-Note Exercise Routine Can Drastically Improve Your Technique: Part 2

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Part II of the 4-Note Exercise routine is here! Below you’ll find 6 more simple exercises that cover a wide range of guitar techniques, all using the same 4 notes and main exercise from Part I. The routine will help you improve your technique so you can finally stop doing this to your poor guitar:   […]