Tighten Your Rhythm Playing with Three Brand-New Lamb of God Riffs

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Disclaimer Before Reading: the following article introduction is best read with Billy May’s (the Oxyclean guy’s) voice shouting in your head. Hi, BILLY MAYS here!! If you’re having problems with rhythm playing, including: Speed Stamina Technique Accuracy Then you need NEW LAMB OF GOD RIFFS! New Lamb of God riffs can help your rhythm playing […]

How One Simple, 4-Note Exercise Routine Can Drastically Improve Your Technique: Part 1

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You want to get better at guitar – play your favorite solos effortlessly and impress the crowd with amazing speed and dexterity. But there’s something holding you back. You hate sitting down with a metronome and busting through finger exercises. You feel like you should practice finger exercises more than you are, but unfortunately, your […]